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Subtitle Translation Services: The Ultimate Tactics List to translate videos


The job of translating subtitles isn’t easy. Maybe that’s why you’re on this page. Do not think that with the help of Google Translate software, you will impress your target audience with the accurate translation of the video subtitle. Especially in cases where you have an internal training video that needs to add a foreign language subtitle or you work with different marketing teams of multilingual.

How does video subtitle translate? How can you know that this process is done correctly? Does it require any certificate? What’s the best way to do this? You will get the answer to all these questions in this post.

The demand for online content has increased a lot in the lockdown due to COVID and perhaps so technology has also seen a lot of changes in the last two years. In 2016, the number of Internet video viewers was 72%, but in the last two years, this percentage has increased to 82%. Besides, in 2021, there are 1.86 billion YouTube users around the earth, up from 1.47 billion in 2017.

Now, let’s get to the point which is how profitable subtitle translation services translate the video subtitle in high quality. 

Capture the meaning, tone, and aim 

It is very important to preserve the meaning of translation from one language to another. If you do the direct translation or word for word translation of the language, then the chances are high that the result can be funny, so it should be avoided most of the time.

Some words and phrases in the original language do not match the words and phrases of your target language, which can lead to translation errors. The ideal way is that a translator should be able to read and capture the meaning, tone, emotions, and aim of the original language.

Meet audience’s desires

Once you know what a translation subtitle is, start trying to make the subtitle readable to proceed. Before taking your translation work to the final audience, follow the steps below to help you create your subtitle.

  • Can you follow the plot of the video when the video is muted?
  • After you’ve added the subtitles, read them seriously and pause at each line break. Find out how real the line breaks are?
  • Read all subtitles at once but do not match new subtitles with these. 10 characters per second for Korean and Chinese subtitles and 25 characters per second for other languages.
  • Make sure the subtitle occupies less of the screen. Try that the subtitle should not exceed 1-3 lines.

Don’t execute translation before doing research 

Research is always a great option to understand the branch of any work. Content whether advertising, technical, educational, medical, or corporate, properly done research helps make your content of accurate and high quality.

Research should be included translating subtitles for videos, publishing them, and then figuring that you have mentioned the correct brand name in the whole video content. In-depth research can be the complete list of your entire subtitle video translation and will be deemed correct by your audience.

Familiar with mother’s tongue 

Correct subtitle translation can expose you to a new language. However, sometimes trying to learn your new language can take away the opportunity for someone to understand the message in the video. The best idea is to become familiar with your native language and mother tongue, which can give a precise translation of a video subtitle. Apart from this, friendship with a new language can be made in other ways as well. In this way, confidence, experience, and skills will be generated in you towards the language.

Collect the extra knowledge 

Only video translation as a translator can not only develop your career but also learn further. And the second lesson for you to learn is localization. There are some languages in which a lot of similarities can be seen such as Korean and Japanese, so if your target language is either of these then you need to learn the localization material of these religions.

Localization content can be delivered to their users with the same overview, but you must make the correct measurement of localized content. Some of the common aspects that are used daily by the local audience like currency, miles vs. kilometers, regular conversions, and other aspects have to be learned.