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Medical Transportation: It’s types & services For All


Ever witnessed an accident? Do you know different accident scenarios require different medical transportation services? If not, you should read this article. This covers various types of medical transportation services that could help you save a life one day.

So, without wasting a single second, let’s roll further. You will read about different modes of medical transportation in Florida and other parts of the US. On a superficial level, these are divided into emergency and non-emergency services. Read on.

Diverse Forms of Medical Transportation

#1 Ambulatory Transportation

It is one of the most common medical transportation in Florida and other US states. Ambulatory transportation comes under non-emergency medical transportation services.

Therefore, a person who does not have any immediate threat should avail of this service. Moreover, it does not have any equipment for the patient. Rather, it offers only basic assistance in case anything goes wrong.

#2 Stretcher

A patient who has back issues needs something to lie on to reach safely to a hospital. In that case, a stretcher comes in handy as one of the overly used medical transportation.

When you avail of this service, no medical assistance is required when you transit from the place of the accident to the nearby hospital. It is also preferable for a person who cannot sit upright in a seat.

#3 Wheelchair

A person who cannot walk on their own should avail of the powered wheelchair service. Moreover, it is also applicable for those who have problems with their legs, lower back, or chest area.

As far as the guide is concerned, he or she should know CPR and know how to lift wheelchairs. Hence, it becomes less painful for the patient. That is something you should be aware of while availing wheelchair transportation in Florida or other US states.

Wheelchair medical transportation services pay special attention to people who are disabled. Moreover, it does not need any medical assistance at the time of transit.

#4 Basic Life Support Ambulances (BLS)

When it comes to the need for medical assistance, BLS is widely used. The presence of EMTs (Emergency Medical Technicians) helps you with the availability of bandages and other medical equipment.

Thus, you get cardiac monitoring equipment to ensure your heartbeat is working efficiently. Moreover, other medical supplies are available onboard to tackle any medical emergency on the way.

A transportation representative is always on the front to ensure the BLS is at your service. Hence, you can always avail of the medical transportation service to go to your home or rehabilitation centers.

#5 Advanced Life Support Ambulances (ALS)

Highly skilled paramedics operate an advanced life support vehicle. It is availed by a person who is critical and needs constant medical attention. Therefore, people on board ensure the patient gets shots or medication until he or she stabilizes.

Moreover, the patient is being shifted to a trauma or emergency unit without a stop. Therefore, it is one of the best door-to-door transportation in Florida in the worst-case scenarios.

You should also know why to go for medical transportation? For that, check out the following points.

Why Choose Medical Transportation?

  • Faster transit
  • Efficient than normal transportation
  • Highly trained drivers
  • Access to Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs)
  • Availability of paramedics
  • Safe arrival
  • Presence of medical supplies for worst-case scenarios

All these points are enough to indicate why you must use medical transportation in case you meet any accident or need a faster service to the hospital.


After going through all the points, you can decide how to choose wheelchair in Hong Kong or medical transportation service is going to save either your or some other’s life. Moreover, this transportation are ever safer over longer distances. So, whether you just need a ride to a hospital or want to transfer to a friendly neighborhood, medical transportation is the best you should avail to.